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Fetish Pads

Fetish Pads

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Our fetish pads protect your floor, furniture and vehicle interiors. It saves time cleaning up after a great session - just fold it up and put it inHousehold garbage to dispose.

You can also use it to create a stylish atmosphere for your date. In contrast to the unattractive appearance of ordinary white sheets or the floral pattern on your sofas. Due to its light and compact dimensions, it is also perfect for playing in the hotel room, when traveling or when camping.

With this you will ideally protect your sling, bed, sofas, carpets, parquet or car seats in the future.

For everyone whose imagination is not yet enough, we would be happy to provide a few application examples:

FETISH PAD is ideal for fisting. Because the black sheet helps to create a dark, dingy atmosphere. Fisting requires large amounts of water, silicone, and oil-based lubricants. Each FETISH PAD can hold more than one liter and thus also protects furniture and carpets.

Watersports - NS
Lovers of water sports or "golden showers" will also love the FETISH PAD. The strong, absorbent sheet can be used quickly anywhere and simply thrown away. Maximum fun with minimal cleaning!

Puppy play
Now a collar puppy has its own special place to eat and drink from its bowl. FETISH PAD completes the set and is the perfect addition to a pet's corner!

Wax games - waxxing
Hot dripping wax can be exciting and enjoyable, but cleaning up afterward is absolutely not sexy! Our solution - FETISH PAD. But be careful, FETISH PAD is not fireproof!

Car sex
You love your car and you love sex in your car Then FETISH PAD is the sexy and practical way to protect your car upholstery from the mess you will make during wild sex..


  • A pack of FETISH PAD with 15 individual sheets each
  • Size each 60x90cm
  • Color: Black
  • Absorbs up to one liter of liquid
  • Disposable
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